Project Financing Atena for Consulting Firms
Software for strategic, economic and financial evaluation and bankability analysis of investments

Atena has created an innovative Methodology, first in Europe, to carry out strategic investment analysis, business analysis and the best economic and financial destination of the goods, based on the Software technology “Project Financing Atena” that revolutionizes the current approach based on spreadsheets and on external consulting companies.

The main advantage of using Project Financing consists in enabling the Consulting Firm to create new business opportunities in order to fill a need and a current gap in the market concerning the investment analysis carried out with an economic approach instead of a financial and macroeconomic point of view.

Some examples about the services provided are:

  • Evaluating an investment project for new initiatives according to the company's ability to repay the investment through cash flows; 
  • Optimizing the companies’ business model;
  • Restructuring firms;
  • Evaluating an internationalization project; 
  • Helping Clients to invest on the basis of the profitability, getting the best economic and financial destination of the goods; 
  • Monitoring Clients’ investments, reporting possible gaps compared with initial assumptions and showing how to return to the optimal situation.

Project Financing Atena makes it possible to do all this with:

  • Drastic Reduction in Internal Costs of devoloping Business Plans by controlling time for drawing up, evaluation and Sensitivity Analysis; 
  • Security, Reliability, Transparency of the projects carried out with “Project Financing Atena”, being a matter of an innovative software tested on different types of works and able to differentiate itself from the imprecision of the business plans calculated on Excel that show an error incidence higher than 30%; 
  • Certified Algorithms indicating the relative sources.